Symmetries and correspondences
intra-disciplinary developments and applications    

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University of Nottingham and University of Oxford

NEW: congratulations to Robert Langlands on the award of the Abel Prize!
He gave influential lectures at our 2014 workshop.
Congratulations to Alexander Beilinson and Vladimir Drinfeld on the award of the Wolf Prize!
Alexander Beilinson is a member of our steering committee.
Many of our projects are related to various versions of the Langlands Program.



Ivan Fesenko
Nigel Hitchin
Minhyong Kim
Kobi Kremnitzer
Boris Zilber

Visiting senior researchers

Fedor Bogomolov
Olivia Caramello
Mikhail Kapranov
Laurent Lafforgue



Papers, proceedings, surveys

Some of colloquium talks and videos

Young researchers                               

Jamie Beacom
Dario Beraldo
Luke Alexander Betts
Thomas Bitoun
Lucas Branco
Weronika Czerniawska
Paolo Dolce
Sukru Ugur Efem
Junghwan Lim
Slava Pimenov
Wojtek Porowski
Alfonso Guido Ruiz
Alex Saad
Lubna Shaheen
Craig Smith
Adam Topaz
Wester van Urk
Matthew Waller
Nicholas Wentzlaff