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Last modified: December 11 2002

Many documents relevant to this module will be available on the web in two formats: ps (postscript) or pdf (portable document format). Which format is easiest to view will probably depend on the computer that you are using.

Module information for 2002/2003

Handouts and additional documents

The following documents are currently available from the module web page.

Course work

Provisionally the dates for handing in coursework will be: 18/10/02, 1/11/02, 15/11/02, 29/11/02 and 11/12/02.

The following question sheets/solutions are currently available from the module web page. (Solutions to non-prize questions will be available from the web page at the appropriate time.)


Assessment will be by means of a two hour written examination in January. There will be five questions, and your best four answers will count. If you answer four of the questions perfectly, then you will obtain full marks. This is the same format as the exams from the 2000-2001 and 2001-2 sessions, but is different from the formats of earlier exams. Please note that no calculators will be permitted in the examination. Should a resit examination be required in August/September it will take the same form as above (five questions, best four answers count, no calculators).

You may find it useful to look at the exam papers from previous years. I have been the lecturer for this module since Autumn 1998. Please note that the format of the exam changed after the 1999-2000 session.

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