Predator-prey waves

Predator-prey waves

Markus Owen

Markus Owen

Professor Markus Owen
School of Mathematical Sciences
University of Nottingham
University Park

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I am a Professor in the
School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Nottingham, Director of the Centre for Mathematical Medicine & Biology and Head of the Mathematical Medicine and Biology Research Group. My research in Mathematical Biology ranges from medical applications to ecology.
I was awarded the Whitehead Prize in 2009 by the London Mathematical Society (Bulletin of the LMS, PDF).

Follow this link for my official School homepage.

Mathematical modeling elucidates the role of transcriptional feedback in gibberellin signaling
Published 8 May 2012 in PNAS
(press release)
10-13 September 2012
Summer school: Math modelling for life scientists
Mathematical modelling predicts synergistic anti-tumor effects of combining a macrophage-based, hypoxia-targeted, gene therapy with chemotherapy
Published 15 April 2011 in Cancer Research
(press release)

I currently (co-)supervise a number of PhD students including: Michelle Baker, Richard Elms, Georgina Fenton, Lindsey MacDougall, Sunny Modhara and Ruth Smith.

Previous PhD students include Duncan Barrack (2010), Wodu Majin (2011), Sotiris Prokopiou (2013), Sabine Schamberg (2009), James Smith (2006), Johanna Stamper (2009) and Ioannis Taxidis (2011). Previous PDRAs include Lloyd Bridge, Alistair Middleton, Stephen Pring, Johanna Stamper, Steve Webb and Hao Zhu

I organised the EPSRC funded Interdiscplinary Angiogenesis Network (ANGIONET).
The final meeting of the network was held in Dundee in April 2009.

A Cell Signalling Network funded by the BBSRC Mathematical Tools for Systems Biology (MATSYB) scheme.
Summer school: Math modelling for life scientists
An Introduction to Mathematical Modelling for Life Scientists

Click here for the Centre for Mathematical Medicine & Biology seminar series.

We run an MSc in Mathematical Medicine and Biology (recruiting now for Sept 2015 entry).

I teach G13MMB Mathematical Medicine and Biology and G14TBM Topics in Biomedical Mathematics.

GSTDMB 2012: Dynamical Modelling for Biology and Medicine

Publications - Research:

Mathematical Neuroscience
A labyrinthine pattern generated by a mode 3 instability of a bump in a neural field model.

A labyrinthine pattern generated by a mode 3 instability of a bump in a neural field model.
Click for a movie: 4.1Mb | 458kb (subsampled)

A simulation of angiogenesis from a single initial vessel.
See Owen et al, J. Math. Biol. (2008).
Macrophage-tumour interactions Juxtacrine intercellular signalling
The effect of predation on biological invasions Rheumatoid Arthritis