HIMR FRG Meeting


Nottingham, 24 October - 3 November, 2016

Organizers :
Katie GILL, Sergey OBLEZIN, Thomas OLIVER 
Invited speakers :
Oliver BRAUNLING (Freiburg, Germany) : Contou-Carrere symbol, Milnor's K-groups and loop groups I

Jens EBERHARDT (Freiburg, Germany) : Six operations formalism in geometric representation theory

Michael GROECHENIG (Imperial, UK) : Contou-Carrere symbol, Milnor's K-groups and loop groups II

Katerina HRISTOVA (Warwick, UK) : Bruhat-Tits Buildings

Robert KURINCZUK (Imperial, UK) : Representations of reductive groups over local fields and Hecke algebras

Kyu-Hwan LEE (UConn, US) : Hecke algebras over 2-dimensional local fields

Thomas OLIVER (Bristol, UK) : Infinite-dimensional groups and Automorphic L-functions

Dmitriy RUMYNIN (Warwick, UK) : Beilinson-Bernstein localisation in positive characteristic

Matthew WALLER (Nottingham, UK) : Measure on linear groups over 2-dimensional local fields
Supported by the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research Focused Research Grant