Extracts from CV of D. R. Woodall

1.   Personal
Name: Douglas Robert Woodall
Born: November 1943 in Stoke-on-Trent, England
Nationality: British
2.   University education
B.A., Cambridge, 1965 (Mathematics)
Part III Mathematical Tripos, Cambridge, 1966
M.A., Cambridge, 1969 (automatic)
Ph.D., Nottingham, 1969, "Some results in combinatorial mathematics"
3.   Appointments held
Science Research Council Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Mathematics, University of Nottingham
Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Nottingham
Reader in Pure Mathematics, University of Nottingham
Associate Professor and Reader in Pure Mathematics, University of Nottingham
4.   Successful Ph.D. students
P. J. Wilde, Ph.D. 1980, "Some results in matroid theory"
M. R. Hart, Ph.D. 1993, "Degree bounds for graphs in surfaces"
J. F. Preen, Ph.D. 1994, "Structure theorems for graphs"
J. D. Lamb, Ph.D. 1994, "Theory of bond graphs" (jointly supervised with G. M. Asher)
C. D. Wakelin, Ph.D. 1995, "Chromatic polynomials"
B. J. Tarlow, Ph.D. 1998, "2-colourings and other combinatorial problems"
A. M. Robertshaw, Ph.D. 2000, "Neighbourhood conditions for factors in graphs"
T. R. Poole, Ph.D. 2004, "Factors in bipartite and other graphs"
R. J. Waters, Ph.D. 2005, "Graph colouring and frequency assignment"
T. J. Hetherington, Ph.D. 2007, "List-colourings of near-outerplanar graphs"
A. R. Philpotts, Ph.D. 2008, "Matchings, factors and cycles in graphs"
5.   Research record
6.   University service

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