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this is a loose list of talks given at various occasions for various publics. all in pdf.

in july 2012, i gave a series of lectures at the iwasawa conference in heidelberg entitled "an overview of some topics in iwasawa theory".

here is a talk on the birch and swinnerton-dyer conjecture that i gave at the open university in january 12.

during a cold, snowy, but very pleasant week in montréal in 10, i gave a talk with the title 'why iwasawa theorists need p-adic L-functions'. that was not my choice of title and the task was not an easy one. so don't expect too much. moreover, i said many things that are not on the slides.

in spring 08, i spend a wonderful week in barcelona talking about iwasawa theory of elliptic curves. i have never got around to scan the notes, but i hope to do so at some point. meanwhile i point here to the sage worksheets that i used in the little presentation in the end.

in southampton in 07, i gave a undergraduate seminar talk about elliptic curve cryptography.

half of a talk (the first part was old-fashined black-board presentation) in banff in 07 about shark. i gave more or less the same talk in leiden, too. contains examples of commands in sage

a very short presentation of a picture about self-points in basel in 07.

at the open day 07 in nottingham, i had to present the number theory group. don't think this is of interest to anyone.

again in 07, i gave a lecture in les diablerets winter school on the computation of heegner points. in french. contains sage commands.

this is a talk that I present usually at the end of the 'further number theory' lectures. it discusses some open and some solved problems in number theory.