ESF-PESC Strategic Workshop on
Signatures of Quantumness in Complex Systems

ESF-PESC Strategic Workshop on Signatures of Quantumness in Complex Systems
June 29 - July 03 2011, Nottingham, United Kingdom

This workshop will establish an all-European platform to explore topics of fundamental and potentially technological importance at the heart of quantum mechanics and its interplay with informatics, biology, and many-body physics.  Topics include: quantum discord and non-classical correlations beyond entanglement; non-locality, non-contextuality and fundamental tests of quantum theory; quantum effects in macroscopic and living systems.   Contributions from theory to experiment and interactive, strategic discussions will lay grounds for a coordinated European action, striving at exploring the deepest foundational and practical implications and the most genuine signatures of quantumness in complex systems.

 Attendance is by invitation only.

 Updated Programme. The complete Workshop Booklet is now available for download (PDF 1.0Mb).


Gerardo Adesso
School of Mathematical Sciences
University of Nottingham


Best Western Westminster Hotel
312 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG5 2EF
Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom


The event is mainly funded by the European Science Foundation and co-sponsored by:

What is an ESF Exploratory/Strategic Workshop?

These small, interactive group sessions are aimed at opening up new directions in research to explore new fields with a potential impact on developments in science. The workshops, which usually last 1-3 days, have a wide participation from across Europe and involve mature scientists as well as young, independent researchers and scholars with leadership potential. The relatively small scale (in terms of people involved) provides an ideal platform for focus on the topic and for all participants to contribute to discussions and plan follow-up collaborative work.  Interdisciplinary topics are greatly encouraged.
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