Nottingham number theory and geometry group

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Permanent members of NTG group

Nikolaos Diamantis

Ivan Fesenko

Alexander Kasprzyk

Sergey Oblezin

Fredrik Strömberg

Christian Wuthrich

Young researchers of NTG group

Daniel Cavey (AK)

Weronika Czerniawska (IBF)

Paolo Dolce (IBF)

Joshua Drewitt (ND)

Christopher Hall (IBF)

Michael Harrison (AK)

Richard Hatton (CW)

Andreea Mocanu (FS)

Wojtek Porowski (IBF)

Daria Shchedrina (CW)

Thomas Vavasour (CW)

Raven Waller (IBF)

Alexander Zykov (SO)

Current work supported by research grants

Symmetries and Correspondences, 2015-2021, EPSRC programme grant, Nottingham-Oxford

Some of recent research visitors of NTG group

Dorian Goldfeld (Columbia Univ.) visits in June 2019

Arata Minamide (RIMS) visits in April-September 2019

Fedor Bogomolov (Courant Inst.) visits in December 2018

Kyu-Hwan Lee (Univ. Connecticut) visits in December 2018

Paolo Dolce stays for October 2018-September 2019

Weronika Czerniawska stays for October 2018-September 2019

Raven Waller stays for October 2018-September 2019

Fedor Bogomolov (Courant Inst.) visits in May-June 2018

Emmanuel Lepage (Univ. Paris 7) visits in April 2018

Fedor Bogomolov (Courant Inst.) visits in November 2017

Emmanuel Lepage (Univ. Paris 7) visits in September 2017

Stéphane Gaussent (Univ. Jean Monnet) visits in August 2017

Alexander Stasinski (Univ. Durham) visits in August 2017

Mikhail Kapranov (IPMU) visits in May-June 2017

Anton Gerasimov (ITEP) visits in May-June 2017

Emmanuel Lepage (Univ. Paris 7) visits in January 2017

Slava Pimenov (IPMU, Tokyo) stays for September 2016-August 2018

Mikhail Kapranov (IPMU, Tokyo) visits in August-September 2016

Olivia Caramello (Univ. Paris 7) visits in June 2016

Laurent Lafforgue (IHES) visits in June 2016

Recent international workshops and conferences

Foundations and perspectives of anabelian geometry, RIMS, Kyoto, Japan, May 18-22 2020

Geometry at large, Spain, December 10-18 2018

Working meeting on IUT, Nottingham, April 27-29 2018

Kac-Moody groups and L-functions, Nottingham, October 24 - November 3 2016

The different faces of geometry, a workshop in honour of Fedor Bogomolov, Nottingham, September 12-14 2016

IUT Theory Summit 2016, Kyoto, RIMS, July 18 - 27 2016

Lectures in modern mathematics, by Laurent Lafforgue and Olivia Caramello, Nottingham, June 21-24 2016

Nottingham workshop on Infinite-dimensional geometry and harmonic analysis, June 19-20 2016

List of coorganized international conferences


Nottingham number theory and geometry seminars

Nottingham Distinguished Lectures in Mathematics

East Midlands Geometry Seminar

2017-2018 seminar on IUT

2016-2018 study group on 2d adeles

2014-2016 study group on higher class field theory, higher adelic structures and higher zeta integrals

Some of past records

Former young researchers and their academic careers

Further academic careers of former postdoctoral visitors

List of research visitors since 1996 

Number theory talks in 2008-2014