Symmetries and Correspondences:
Higher Structures in Number Theory




Ivan Fesenko (Nottingham), Yakov Kremnitzer (Oxford),
Boris Zilber (Oxford)

Eight expository lectures at the workshop will present key fundamental structures in higher dimensional number theory, the theory of arithmetic schemes and associated objects: higher dimensional local, semi-local-global and global fields associated to arithmetic surfaces and schemes, higher Haar measure, different higher adelic structures, two-dimensional class field theories and K_2, K_2, zeta functions and adelic zeta integrals of arithmetic schemes, mean-periodicity correspondence for arithmetic zeta functions, applications of higher adeles to equivariant arithmetic geometry, anabelian results for function fields and K_2.

The workshop aims at young researchers and experienced researchers from neighbouring areas including geometry, topology, mathematical logic, algebra and mathematical physics.

The workshop precedes related Oxford conference on Symmetries and Correspondences, July 5-8 2014.


Thursday 3rd - Friday 4th July, 2014


Lecture Theatre C5
Physics bldg
University of Nottingham
Nottingham NG7 2RD UK


Supported by
University of Nottingham,
Clay Mathematics Institute,
Bogomolov Laboratory

Schedule of talks

Registered Participants



  • Fedor Bogomolov (Courant Inst./Nottingham)
  • Oliver Bräunling (Univ. Essen)
  • Alberto Cámara (Univ. Besançon)
  • Ted Chinburg (Univ. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)
  • Matthew Morrow (Univ. Bonn)
  • Thomas Oliver (Univ. Nottingham)
  • Masatoshi Suzuki (TIT, Tokyo)
  • Amnon Yekutieli (Ben Gurion Univ., Be'er Sheva)



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