Number theory seminars 

Coorganized international conferences

Recent study groups

Adelic structures and zeta integrals, 2010/11 graduate seminar

Introduction to aspects of geometric Langlands correspondence, 2011 (A. Paulin)

Categorical vision and applications, 2011/2012 (L. Previdi) 

Berkovich spaces 2012

Permanent members of the number theory group

Nikolaos Diamantis

Ivan Fesenko

Fabien Trihan

Christian Wuthrich

Former members of the number theory group (1995-2011): D.A. Burgess, J. Cremona, M. Spiess, D. Delbourgo, S. Howson, K. Ardakov

Current Postdoctoral Researchers

Chern-Yang Lee

Alexander Paulin

Luigi Previdi

Current PhD Students

Alberto Cámara

Thomas Oliver

Kirsty Syder

Research visitors since 2008

Fedor Bogomolov (Counrant Institute) visits in June 2013

Mikhail Kapranov (Yale) visits in May 2012

Marusia Rebolledo (Clermont-Ferrand) visits in March 2012

Matthew Morrow (University of Chicago) visits in March 2012

Oliver Bräunling (Essen) visits in March 2012

Go Yamashita (Toyota Institute) visits in February-March 2012

Masato Kurihara (Keio University, Tokyo) visits in February 2012

Michael Spiess (Bielefeld) visits in October 2011

Alexander Paulin (Berkeley) stays for September 2011-June 2012

Luigi Previdi (Yale) stays for September 2011-June 2012

Daniel Delbourgo (Melbourne) visits in July 2011

Liang Zhibin (Beijing) visits in May and June 2011 

Pilar Bayer (Barcelona) visits in April 2011

Luigi Previdi (Paris 13) visits in March 2011

Chern-Yang Lee (Cambridge) stays for September 2010-August 2012

Masatoshi Suzuki (Tokyo) visits in August 2010

Matthias Flach (Caltech) visits in May 2010

Dorian Goldfeld (Columbia Univ.) visits in November 2009

Ralph Meyer (Goettingen) visits in October 2009

Matthew Morrow (Nottingham) stays for October 2009-August 2010

Christophe Soulé (IHES, Paris) visits in September 2009

Akio Tamagawa (RIMS, Kyoto) visits in August-September 2009

Alexander Beilinson (Univ. Chicago) visits in August 2009

Alexander Braverman (Brown Univ.) visits in June 2009

Eric Friedlander (USCLA) and Susan Friedlander (USCLA) visit in May 2009

Liang Xiao (MIT and Univ. Chicago) visits in May 2009

Gautam Chinta (CCNY) visits in April 2009

Adrian Diaconu (Minneapolis) stays for February-May 2009

Igor Zhukov (St Petersburg) visits in November 2008

Michael Spiess (Bielefeld) visits in October 2008

Philippe Lebacque (Marseille/Regensburg) stays for September 2008-August 2009

Dennis Gaitsgory (Harvard) visits in August 2008

Masatoshi Suzuki (Tokyo) visits in August 2008

Dorian Goldfeld (New York) visits in August 2008

Kyu-Hwan Lee (Univ of Connecticut) visits in July 2008

Hidekazu Furusho (Nagoya) visits in June 2008

Alexander S. Merkuriev (UCLA) visits in May 2008

Go Yamashita (Kyoto) stays for April 2008-March 2010

List of research visitors during 1996-2007 

Graduated PhD students (name, year of PhD award, supervisor)

V. Karaman 2002 (IF), C. Griffin 2002 (IF), V. Paskunas 2003 (MS), 

T. Womack 2003 (JC),  L. Orton 2003 (MS), M. Prickett 2004 (JC), 

H. Hauer 2004 (MS), A. Stasinski 2004 (IF), C. Birkar 2004 (IF and V.Shokurov), 

M. Lingham 2005 (JC), L. Taylor 2006 (IF), P. Smith 2006 (DD), 

D. Roberts 2007(JC), E. Serbest 2007 (IF), B. Clare 2007 (IF), 

D. Sim 2008 (ND), G. Alkauskas 2008 (IF), T. Ward 2009 (DD), 

M. Morrow 2009 (IF), O. Bräunling 2011 (IF), T. Blann 2012 (ND)

Prizes and further academic careers