Selected coorganized conferences

Workshop on IUT theory of Shinichi Mochizuki December 7-11 2015, Oxford Clay Mathematics Institute, details

Local arithmetic geometry, conference in honour of Sergei V. Vostokov on the occasion of his 70th birthday,
May 18-22, 2015, Euler International Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg,

Symmetries and correspondences in number theory, geometry, algebra: intra-disciplinary trends July 5-10, 2014, Oxford, details

Symmetries and correspondences: higher structures in number theory July 3-4, 2014, Nottingham, details

Arithmetic Days II Conference May 20-23, 2013, Steklov Math Institute St Petersburg

Arithmetic Days I Conference April 5-6, 2012, Independent Univ. Moscow, details

International Algebraic Conference June 19-24, 2010, Steklov Math Institute, St Petersburg, details

Multiple Dirichlet Series and applications to automorphic forms, August 4-8, 2008, ICMS, Edinburgh, details

Euler 300: Number theory, Euler Institute, St Petersburg June 13-19, 2007, details

S V Vostokov 60 conference St Petersburg, June 17-24, 2005, details

J H Coates conference Cambridge, January 12-14, 2005, details

Arithmetic geometry conference St Petersburg, June 20-26, 2004, details

Non-commutative aspects of number theory Durham, August 28-September 5, 2003, details

D A Burgess conference Nottingham, February 2000, details

Higher local fields conference Muenster, August-September 1999, details

Ramification of arithmetic schemes Luminy, April 1999, details

Number theory conference Nottingham, April 1996, details