Feedback on Inter-universal Teichmüller Theory Summit 2016 (RIMS workshop), July 18-27 2016 

Jamshid Derakshan: “Thanks for all your efforts to disseminate this amazing piece of work and mathematics, a work that is so remarkable. (I am reading IUT with pleasure!). It was certainly a very unique and outstanding workshop. The proof and its underlying concepts and ideas are not only unique, deep, powerful, and outstanding, but also very beautiful and fascinating. I have been thoroughly enjoying every bit of it that I learn. It was a honour to be there, to see, hear and talk to Mochizuki, and to learn this very great work.” (July 27, August 1, August 4 2016)

Vesselin Dimitrov: “Thank you very much for organizing this conference, which has been a very positive, enriching and enjoyable experience for me.” (July 28 2016)

Taylor Dupuy: “… the conference was excellent and hope to see more things like this in the future (possibly a summer school?!). Also, thank you very much for the invitation to speak and the opportunity to ask questions.” (July 31 2016)

Jeff Lagarias: “I was very happy to be at the conference, and I learned a lot. The IUT is fascinating and truly revolutionary. My hope was to get to a real understanding of the proof mechanism of IUT, specifically around the main inequality. I did not completely succeed in this. There are too many layers to the proof. Some crucial connections eluded me. However I am very positive on the whole structure of the proof.” (July 30 2016)

Masatoshi Suzuki: “… it was very exciting and valuable …” (July 31 2016)

Machiel van Frankenhuijsen: “Thank you very much for organizing the workshop. It has greatly improved my understanding of IUT, maybe most importantly, that this theory can be learned.” (August 14 2016)

Paul Vojta: “Many thanks for an exciting and stimulating conference.” (August 4 2016)