Number theory related activity in Nottingham

Members of the group

  • John Cremona
  • Daniel Delbourgo
  • Nikolaos Diamantis
  • Ivan Fesenko
  • Research Students

    Mid and long term visitors

  • Luc Illusie (Paris) visits in November 2006
  • Mikhail Kapranov (Yale) visits in November 2006
  • Dennis Gaitsgory (Harvard) visits in August 2006
  • Goetz Wiesend (Essen) visits in July 2005
  • Takashi Taniguchi (Tokyo) visits in July 2005
  • Teruyoshi Yoshida (Harvard) stays in summer 2005
  • David Kazhdan (Jerusalem) visits in May 2005
  • Alexander Zinoviev (St Petersburg) visits in March-April 2005
  • Kyu-Hwan Lee (Toronto) stays in February-August 2005
  • Alexander Borichev (Bordeaux) visits in February 2005
  • Werner Bley (Augsburg) visits in September 2004
  • Manuel Breuning (London) stays for September 2004-August 2005
  • Henry Kim (Toronto) visits in August 2004
  • Masato Kurihara (Tokyo) visits in July-August 2004
  • Kazuya Kato (Kyoto) stays in April-May 2004
  • Shuji Saito (Tokyo) stays in April-May 2004
  • Sergei V. Vostokov (St Petersburg) stays in April 2004
  • Yasutaka Ihara (Kyoto) visits in March 2004
  • Pierre Kazuya Matsumi (Tokyo/Paris) visits in January 2004
  • Kanetomo Sato (Nagoya) stays for October 2003 - September 2004
  • Jakob Stix (Bonn) stays for October 2003-January 2004
  • Daniel Evans (Manchester) stays for January 2003-December 2003

    Previous visitors

    Current number theory seminars

    Number theory seminar

    Seminar on higher arithmetic

    Number theory study group

    Coorganized conferences

    Euler 300 Euler Institute, St Petersburg June 10-17 2007

    Recent trends in representation theory in dimension two, UConn May 8 2006

    Workshop on quadratic forms, algebraic groups and related topics Nottingham, September 12-16 2005 details

    Arithmetic geometry and number theory conference dedicated to S V Vostokov St Petersburg, June 17-24, 2005 details

    Cambridge conference in honour of J H Coates Cambridge, January 12-14, 2005

    Methodes Explicites en Theorie des Nombres IHP Paris Sept 6-20 Dec 20, 2004 details

    Arithmetic geometry St Petersburg, June 20-26, 2004 details

    Algorithms and number theory Dagstuhl, May 16-21, 2004 details

    Workshop on quardatic forms, algebras with involutions and algebraic K-theory Nottingham, May 12-15, 2004 details

    Non-commutative aspects of number theory Durham, August 28-September 5, 2003 details

    Modular curves and abelian varieties Bellaterra, July 15-18, 2002 details

    Workshop on geometric aspects of representation theory of algebraic groups over local fields December 13-15 2001, Nottingham details

    Arithmetic aspects of fundamental groups September 1-6 2001, Maratea details

    LMS symposium on computational number theory24 July- 3 August 2000, Durham details

    Arithmetic geometry conference June 2000, St Petersburg details

    Burgess' conference February 2000, Nottingham details

    Higher local fields conference August-September 1999, Muenster details

    Ramification of arithmetic schemes April 1999, Luminy details

    Number theory conference April 1996, Nottingham details