Number Theory and Arithmetic geometry at Nottingham

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  • Information for potential PhD students
    The group welcomes applications from potential PhD students. Successful applicants will be made an offer of a PhD place by the university. The funding opportunities for EU students include a postgraduate studentship (usually for three years) from EPSRC, which covers all university fees and (for UK students only) a maintenance grant. Alternatively, the school will help with applying to EU Marie Curie Fellowship which can provide support up to three years. In very strong cases, University Scholarships are available to successful candidates.

    With its large group of researchers working in a spread of related fields within Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry, Nottingham is a most attractive place for PhD study. Currently the number theory group in Nottingham is the largest in the UK. Students who are at first not sure exactly in which area they wish to work can experience a wide variety of research topics before deciding, and always have the possibility of moving between supervisors.

    For further details see PhD study in Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry in Nottingham .