The Nottingham number theory seminars 2008-2012

December 07 - 

January 08

Ivan Fesenko (Nottingham) 

Lectures on two-dimensional adelic analysis

16 January 2008

Guillaume Ricotta (Bordeaux/Nottingham) 

Asymptotic height of Heegner points and applications

18 January

Masatoshi Suzuki (Tokyo/Nottingham) 

On the zeros of Weng's zeta functions for GL(n)

6 February

Victor Snaith (Sheffield) 

Functoriality of the canonical fractional Galois ideal

8 February

Kirill Zainoulline (Munchen) 

J-invariant of linear algebraic groups

13 February

Kazuya Kato (Kyoto/Cambridge) 

Motives and log motives

27 February

Martin Bright (Bristol) 

The Brauer-Manin Obstruction

5 March

David Loeffler (IC, London) 

p-adic families of automorphic forms

12 March

David Rohrlich (Boston) 

Compatible families of elliptic type

19 March

Victor Rotger (Barcelona) 

Rational points, integral models and automorphisms of Shimura curves

4 April

Roelof Bruggeman (Utrecht) 

Quantum Maass forms

25 April

Caucher Birkar (Cambridge)

Birational geometry in dimension 4  

Burt Totaro (Cambridge) 

Moving codimension-one subvarieties over finite fields

7 May

Mahesh Kakde (Cambridge) 

Non-commutative main conjecture for totally real fields

14 May

Pierre Berthelot (Rennes) 

On Witt cohomology of singular varieties and arithmetic applications

16 May

Alexander S. Merkuriev (UCLA) 

Essential dimension in algebra

28 May

Andreas Langer (Exeter) 

Overconvergent de Rham-Witt cohomology

4 June

Go Yamashita (Nottingham)

Bounds for the dimensions of the p-adic multiple zeta value (L-value) spaces 

Hidekazu Furusho (Nagoya/Paris) 

Pentagon Equation

11 June

Ignazio Longhi (Milan) 

p-adic L-functions for function fields

16 July

Kyu-Hwan Lee (Univ of Connecticut) 

Garland's construction of Eisenstein series on loop groups and its generalizations

1 August

Dorian Goldfeld (Columbia Univ., New York) 

The Voronoi Formula for GL(n)

13 August

Nicole Raulf (Lille) 2.15pm

Distribution of eigenvalues of Hecke operators 

Guillaume Ricotta (Bordeaux) 4.15pm

Zeros of symmetric power L-functions

14 August

Masatoshi Suzuki (Tokyo) 2pm 

On duality between 2d adelic analysis and GL(2) cuspidal automorphic zeta integrals

25-29 August

Dennis Gaitsgory (Harvard) 

14 hour lectures on Quantum geometric Langlands correspondence

17 October

Christopher Voll (Southampton) 

From subgroup growth to representation growth

22 October

Mohamed Saidi (Exeter) 

On Grothendieck's anabelian section conjecture for curves

29 October

Igor Zhukov (St Petersburg) 

On higher ramification theory

5 November

Thanasis Bouganis (Heidelberg) 

Congruences between L-values and Eisenstein series

12 November

Philippe Lebacque (Nottingham) 

Asymptotic invariants of noncommutative infinite extensions of number fields

14 November

Seidai Yasuda (Kyoto) 

Regulators on Drinfeld modular varieties and periods of automorphic forms

21 November

Frederic Paugam (Paris) 

Global analytic geometry

3 December

Jeanine van Order (Cambridge) 

On a cyclotomic nonvanishing conjecture

10 December

Shaun Stevens (Norwich) 

Representations of p-adic groups

12 December

Joern Steuding (Wuerzburg) 

Recent results on the distribution of values of the Riemann zeta function

23 January

Ambrus Pal (ICL) 

The Manin constant of elliptic curves over function fields

28 January

Vladimir Dokchitser (Cambridge) 

Parity of the rank of an elliptic curve

4 February

Neil Dummigan (Sheffield) 

Yoshida lifts and Selmer groups

11 February

Cecilia Busuioc (UCL) 

Eisenstein congruences and K-theory

18 February

Alexei Skorobogatov (ICL) 

Rational points: recent progress and new challenges

25 February

Christopher Hughes (York) 

Moments of zeta functions

6 March

Thomas Ward (Nottingham) 

Congruences Between L-values of Elliptic Curves

11 March

Adrian Diaconu (Minneapolis/Nottingham) 

Trace formulas and automorphic L-functions

18 March

Tobias Berger (Cambridge) 

Modularity of Galois representations of imaginary quadratic fields

17 April

Gautam Chinta (CUNY) 

Orthogonal period of a GL3 Eisenstein series

29 April

John Coates (Cambridge) 

The Tate-Shafarevich group of elliptic curves with complex multiplication

6 May

Liang Xiao (MIT) 

Ramification theory and p-adic differential modules

26 May

Susan Friedlander (Univ of Southern California at Los Angeles) 

Onsager's Conjecture and Turbulent Dissipation 

Eric Friedlander (Univ of Southern California at Los Angeles) 

Cohomology and Geometry of Finite Group Schemes

8 June

Alexander Braverman (Brown Univ., Providence) 

Satake isomorphism for affine Kac-Moody groups

30-31 August

Akio Tamagawa (RIMS, Kyoto)

On l-adic representations of fundamental groups of curves over finitely generated fields

On anabelian geometry of curves over finite fields and p-adic fields

A finiteness conjecture for abelian varieties over number fields

16 September                            Christophe Soulé (IHES, Bures-sur-Yvette) 

                                                  Successive minima and arithmetic surfaces

30 September                            Alexander Schmidt (Regensburg) 

                                                  Covering data and higher dimensional class field theory

7 October                                  Harald Helfgott (Bristol) 

                                                  Towards the ternary Goldbach without using GRH


13-14 October                           Ralph Meyer  (Goettingen) 

                                                  Spectral interpretation for zeros and poles of L-functions

                                                  Weil's explicit formula as a trace formula

28 October                                 Pierre Matsumi (Nottingham) 

                                                   Modular curves and class field theory for varieties over local fields

4 November                               Oliver Brinon (Paris Nord) 

                                                   Overconvergence of p-adic monodromy


11 November                             James Newton (ICL)

                                                   p-adic modular forms and completed cohomology

                                                   Ruth Jenni (Durham)

                                                   The generalized Hilbert pairing for higher local fields

                                                   Alex Bartel (Cambridge)

                                                   Integral Galois modules                                                           


13 November                             Florian Pop  (Philadelphia) 

                                                   On the section conjecture and its p-adic form

20 November                             Dorian Goldfeld  (Columbia Univ.) 

                                                   Fourier expansions of GL(2)-newforms at various cusps

25 November                             Yannis Petridis  (UCL) 

                                                   Dissolving cusp forms, Rankin-Selberg convolutions 

                                                   and Dirichlet series of higher order modular forms

2 December                                Takashi Hara  (Tokyo Univ.) 

                                                   On induction method for non-commutative Iwasawa theory of totally real fields  

9 December                                Hiroaki Nakamura  (Okayama Univ.) 

                                                    Tangential base point and Eisenstein power series: revisited   

13 January                                   Mirella Ciperiani  (Univ of Texas at Austin) 

                                                    Selmer groups over noncyclotomic Z_p-extensions

3 February                                   Sarah Zerbes  (Exeter) 

                                                    Wach modules and Iwasawa theory at supersingular primes

10 March                                     Lassina Dembele  (Warwick) 

                                                    Nonsoluble Galois groups over Q ramified at one prime only


17 March                                     Andreas Holmstrom  (Cambridge) 

                                                    Higher arithmetic Chow groups and special values of zeta functions

31 March                                     Giedrius Alkauskas  (Vienna) 

                                                            Fredholm determinants, trace formulas, and the moments  

                                                    of the Minkowski question mark function

7 May                                          Roger Heath-Brown  (Oxford) 

                                                    Quadratic forms over p-adic function fields

14 May                                        Matthias Flach  (Passadena) 

                                                    Weil-etale cohomology of regular arithmetic schemes

20 May                                        Andrei Dorogovtsev  (Kiev) 

                                                    Stochastic flows with singular interaction

2 June                                          Christophe Delaunay  (Lyon) 

                                                    Averages of class groups and Tate-Shafarevich groups      

9 July                                          Matthew Morrow  

                                                    Residues and reciprocity laws on arithmetic surfaces 


4 August                                      Matthew Morrow (Nottingham)

                                                            Residues: local cohomology vs adeles 

                                                    Masatoshi Suzuki (Tokyo)

                                                    On the zeros of Weng zeta functions


3 September                                Alexander Smirnov (POMI, St Petersburg)

                                                    Arithmetic and algebra over F1

6 October                                            Ivan Cheltsov (Edinburgh)

                                                    Rational points on Fano threefolds

15 October                                  Vladimir Chernousov (Edmonton)

                                                    MADs and conjugacy

20 October                                   Shu Sasaki (London)

                                                     On Artin representations and nearly ordinary Hecke algebras over totally real fields

10 November                               Alexander Stasinski (Southampton)

                                                     Representation zeta functions of nilpotent groups

24 November                              Chern-Yang Lee (Nottingham)

                                                     Arithmetic of elliptic curves over "false Tate curve" extensions

                                                     Jean Gillibert (Bordeaux)

                                                     On Shafarevich-Tate groups and class groups

25 November                                       Michael Berry (Bristol)

                                                             Variations on a theme of Aharonov and Bohm


1 December                                          Lynne Walling (Bristol)

                                                     Quadratic forms, representation numbers, and Siegel-Eisenstein series

                                                     Tim Browning (Bristol)

                                                     Intersection of quadrics via the circle method

                                                     David Burns (King's College, London)

                                                     On main conjectures in noncommutative Iwasawa theory

2 February 2011

Simon Goodwin (Birmingham)

Representations of finite W-algebras

16 February

Peter Scholze (Bonn)

Perfectoid spaces


23 February

Simon Wadsley (Cambridge)

Dimensions of Iwasawa modules

2 March

Luigi Previdi (Paris Nord)

Partially abelian exact categories and 2-Tate spaces

9 March

Minhyong Kim (UC, London)

On non-abelian cohomologies and their use in arithmetic


16 March

Victor Abrashkin (Durham)

Projective varieties with bad semi-stable reduction at 3 only

23 March

Alice Ciccioni (Padova)

Poincare duality for rigid syntomic cohomology

Marusia Rebolledo (Clermont-Ferrand)

Rational points of modular spaces for small primes



8 April

Oliver Braunling (Nottingham)

2-Dimensional Ideles with Cycle Module Coefficients 

Pilar Bayer (Universitat de Barcelona) 

Shimura curves as moduli spaces for fake elliptic curves


18 May

Teruyoshi Yoshida (Cambridge)

LT spaces and nonabelian LT theory

25 May

Jens Funke (Durham)

Theta liftings, cycles, and harmonic weak Maass forms


1 June

Philippe Lebacque (Besancon) 

Zeta functions in families


8 June

Zhibin Liang (Beijing)

Calculations for twisted L-values

24 June

Konstantin Ardakov (Nottingham)

p-adic D-modules and Iwasawa algebras

11 July

Melbourn Day

Daniel Delbourgo (Melbourn)

Zeros of L-functions of elliptic curves

Antonio Lei (Melbourn)

Signed Selmer groups via p-adic Hodge theory

28 September, 5, 12, 19, 26 October

Alexander Paulin (Nottingham)

Lectures on aspects of  geometric Langlands correspondence


17 October

Michael Spiess (Bielefeld)

Proof of the exceptional zero conjecture for p-adic L-functions

26 October

Kirsty Syder Higher class field theory without using higher K-groups

Luke Reger Ind/Pro categories and higher local class field theory

Tom Oliver Torsion and abelian extensions

2, 10, 16, 24 November and 1 December

Luigi Previdi (Nottingham)

Lectures on Infinite dimensional category theory and higher number theory

2 November

John Cremona (Warwick)

Numerical evidence for the BSD conjectures

Samir Siksek (Warwick)

Mordell-Weil generators of cubic surfaces

9 November

Sarah Zerbes (Exeter/Warwick) and 

David Loeffler (Warwick)

Iwasawa theory for crystalline representations

14 November

  Kobi Kremnizer (Oxford)

  Quantum groups, the Springer resolution and geometric L correspondence

  Alexander Paulin (Nottingham)

  On linear p-adic geometric L correspondence

23 November

Nikolay Nikolov (ICL)

Algebraic properties of profinite groups

30 November

Nick Gurski (Sheffield)

Two categorical linear algebra

Eugenia Cheng (Sheffield)

Operads: from loop spaces to n-categories, operads and n-categories

7 December

Owen Patashnik (Bristol)

Motives, Massey products, and special values

14 December 

Daniel Castillo (Universität München)

On topics in equivariant Tamagawa number conjecture

15 February 2012

Masato Kurihara  (Keyo Univ., Tokyo)

The structure of Selmer groups and Euler systems of Gauss sum type

29 February

Victor Snaith (Sheffield)

Monomial resolutions of admissible representations of GL(2)

5 March

Matthew Morrow (University of Chicago)

K-groups sheaves on schemes and adelic structures

14 March

Olivier Wittenberg (ENS)

Divisibility of Chow groups of 0-cycles of varieties over local fields with algebraically closed residue fields

21 March

Stefano Vigni (King's College London/Genua)

Darmon points on Shimura curves and abelian varieties

15 May

Vladimir Dokchitser (Cambridge)

Galois equivariance of L-values and the Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture

Alan Lauder (Oxford)

Efficient constructions of rational points on elliptic curves

Barinder Banwait (Warwick)

Elliptic Curves with Tetrahedral Galois Image

28 May

Mikhail Kapranov (Yale)

Arithmetic Hall algebras

21 June

Carlos de Vera (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya)

Rational points on moduli spaces via Galois representations

Alberto Cámara (Nottingham)

Functional analysis on two-dimensional local fields

9 August

Sergey Oblezin (MPIM)

Baxter operators, automorphic L-functions and topological field theories

24 October

Alex Bartel (Warwick)

Integral units, K-groups and Mordell-Weil groups as Galois modules

1 November

Nicole Raulf (Lille)

QUE for Eisenstein series

9 November

Alberto Camara (Nm)

   Functional analysis on higher local fields

22 November The Locally Free Geometry Meeting in Nottingham

Ivan Fesenko (Nm)

Shioda-Tate theory, elliptic surfaces and the Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer-Tate conjecture

Nikolaos Daimantis (Nm)

Derivatives of L-functions and Eichler cohomology

Timothy Logvinenko (Warwick) 

Spherical DG-functors

7 December

Mohammed Saidi (Exeter)

The anabelian geometry of hyperbolic curves over finite fields

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