Number theory seminar 2004-2007

14 January 2004 

Higher arithmetic seminar 

12:00-13:15 Jakob Stix Parshin's local-global class field theory in positive characteristic 

14:45-15:45 Pierre Matsumi Class field theory of two dimensional local rings 

17:00-18:15 Kanetomo Sato Unramified class field theory for curves over local fields

23 January 

Higher arithmetic seminar 

12:00-13:50 Kanetomo Sato Unramified class field theory in dimension two

16:00-17:50 Pierre Matsumi (Paris) Global class field theory in dimension two

17:50-18:30 Ivan Fesenko Links between higher class field theory and arithmetic of elliptic curves over global fields via harmonic analysis on K-delic spaces and zeta integrals

11 February, 4.15pm

Fernando Rodriguez-Villegas (University of Texas at Austin)

On the E-polynomial of a certain character variety 

18 February, 4.15pm

Mark Watkins (Penn State)

Elliptic curves with many integral points

3 March

3pm Wieslawa Niziol (University of Utah ) 

A proof of the semi-stable Conjecture 

4.15pm Brian Conrey(American Institute of Mathematics ) 

L-functions and random matrix theory 

10 March, 4.15pm

David Farmer (American Institute of Mathematics) 

Modular forms and L-functions

17 March, 4.15pm

Yasutaka Ihara (Kyoto) 

The Euler-Kronecker constants of global fields and primes with small norms 

7 April, 4.15pm

Sergei V. Vostokov (St Petersburg) 

Explicit classification of formal groups defined over local fields and arithmetical applications 

27 and 30 April 

Nottingham higher arithmetic seminar 

Kazuya Kato (Kyoto) Higher class field theory, explicit local reciprocity formulas and zeta function of elliptic curves

Shuji Saito (Tokyo) Class field theory of varieties over local fields

1 May 

NOMADS and COW meeting in Nottingham

11:30-12:30 Shuji Saito (Tokyo) Motivic cohomology and cycle class map for semistable schemes over integer rings 

12:40-13:25 Alexander Stasinski (Nottingham) Representations of reductive groups over finite rings and extended Deligne-Lusztig varieties 

14:55-15:40 Caucher Birkar (Nottingham) Termination in minimal model programme 

16:00-17:00 Kazuya Kato (Kyoto) Ramification theory of schemes 

12 May 

LMS meeting in Nottingham 

Eva Bayer (Lausanne) Euclidean number fields and Euclidean minima 

J.-L. Colliot-Thelene (CNRS & Paris-Sud) From linear algebraic groups to rationally connected varieties 

13,14,15 May 

Nottingham workshop on quadratic forms, algebras and algebraic K-theory: it includes a number of number theory talks 

21 May, 4.15pm

Andrei Lazarev (Bristol) 

Homotopy algebras and noncommutative geometry 

16 June, 4.15pm

Teruyoshi Yoshida (Harvard/Tokyo) 

Non-abelian Lubin-Tate theory and Deligne-Lusztig theory 

10 July

NOMADS meeting in Nottingham

2-3pm, Dorian Goldfeld (Columbia) Counting primes, groups, and manifolds 

3.30-4.30pm, Hugh Montgomery (Michigan) Primes and zeros 

2-3 August 

Masato Kurihara (Tokyo) 

2 August, 10:30-12:00 A refinement of the classical Iwasawa main conjecture 

3 August, 10:30-12:00 Iwasawa theory for elliptic curves with supersingular reduction 

25-27 August 

Henry Kim (Toronto) 

25 August, 10:20-12:00 Langlands functoriality conjecture 

26 August, 10:20-12:00 Automorphic L-functions and Langlands-Shahidi method 

27 August, 10:20-12:00 Functoriality of symmetric cube and symmetric fourth power of cuspidal representations on GL(2) 

29 September

Werner Bley (Augsburg) 

The equivariant Tamagawa number conjecture for abelian extensions of a quadratic imaginary field 

1 October

John Coates (Cambridge) 

Non-abelian L-functions and arithmetic 

25 October 

Young Ju Choie (Pohang University, Korea) 

Codes, invariants and modular forms 

17 November 

Martin Taylor (Manchester) 

Chinburg conjectures 

19 November 

David Burns (King's College London) 

Congruences between derivatives of abelian L-functions at s=0 

24 November

Nigel Watt (Royal Holloway University London) 

Bounds for a mean-value of character sums 

8 December

David Solomon (King's College) 

p-adic Stark conjectures 

12 January 2005

Grzegorz Banaszak (Poznan) 

Galois representations associated with abelian varieties of type I and II 

19 January

Freydoon Shahidi (Purdue Univ.) 

Infinite dimensional groups and automorphic L-functions 

2 February

Yiannis Petridis (City University of New York and MPIM) 

The distribution of modular symbols 

4 February

Alexander Borichev (Bordeaux, CNRS) 

Beurling algebras and asymptotically holomorphic functions 

16 February

Zoe Chatzidakis (Paris/INI) 

Application of the model theory of difference fields to the Manin Mumford conjecture 

2 March

Ramesh Sreekantan (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research) 

Multiple L-values and periods of integrals 

13 April

Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer (Cambridge) 

Counting rational points and the Manin Conjecture 

20 April

Dirk Kreimer (IHES and Boston University) 

Numbers, graphs and infinities: the beauty of quantum field theory 

27 April

Anand Pillay (UIUC/INI) 


29 April

Alexander Zinoviev (POMIRAN, Petersburg) 

Explicit reciprocity formulas in higher local class field theory 

4 May

Kazuhiro Fujiwara (Nagoya University) 

Review of log-etale cohomology 

4 May

Vladimir Dokchitser(Cambridge) 


11-12 May

David Kazhdan (Harvard University/Hebrew University) 

Representations of two dimensional groups (6 hour lectures) 

18 May

Sasha Veselov(Loughborough) 

Spectra of Sol-manifolds and arithmetic 

27 May 

15:00-16:00 Kyu-Hwan Lee (Toronto/Nottingham) Hecke algebras of algebraic groups over 2-dimensional local fields 

16:15-17:15 Manuel Breuning (Nottingham) Refined Chinburg invariant 

8 June

Dirk Kreimer (CNRS-IHS and Boston University) 

Numbers, graphs and infinities: the hidden beauty of quantum field theory 

13 July

Goetz Wiesend (Essen) 

A new approach to unramified higher class field theory of arithmetic schemes 

15 July

Teruyoshi Yoshida (Nottingham/Harvard) 

On the Langlands correspondence I 

19 July

Teruyoshi Yoshida (Harvard/Nottingham) 

On Shimura varieties of PEL type I 

20 July

Takashi Taniguchi (Tokyo) 

Zeta functions of k-forms of prehomogeneous vector spaces and related density theorems 

21 July

Teruyoshi Yoshida (Harvard/Nottingham) 

On Shimura varieties of PEL type II 

22 July

Shu Sasaki (Imperial College) 

Geometry of Hilbert modular varieties 

27 July

Teruyoshi Yoshida (Harvard/Nottingham) 

On the Langlands correspondence II 

18 January 2006

David Burns(London) 

Algebraic p-adic L-functions in non-commutative Iwasawa theory 

25 January

Lawrence Taylor (Nottingham) 

The double sine function and theta functions on the noncommutative torus 

7 September

Caucher Birkar (Cambridge) 

Existence of minimal models and flips 

6 October

Susumu Tanabe (Kumamoto/Warwick) 

Mixed Hodge structure of the period integrals associated to the affine complete intersections 

20 October

Matthias Strauch (Cambridge) 

Potentially crystalline Galois representations and associated p-adic representations of GL_2 

25 October

Boris Zilber(Oxford) 

Fields with a good multiplicative group 

7 November

Luc Illusie (Paris) 

Logarithmic geometry : historical glimpses, basics, and a survey of some devolopments 

10 November

Burt Totaro (Cambridge) 

The geometry of HIlbert's 14th problem 

21 November

Payman Kassaei (King's College London) 

On classicality of overconvergent automorphic forms over Shimura curves 

22 November

Martin Taylor (Manchester) 

L-functions and pfaffians 

29 November

Alexander Stasinski (Cambridge) 

Extended Deligne-Lusztig Varieties and Orbits 

6 December

Fred Diamond (King's College London) 

On Hilbert modular forms 

7 February 2007

Sarah Zerbes (ICL) 

Norm series for Milnor K-groups of higher dimensional local fields 

21 February

Cormac O'Sullivan (CUNY) 

Higher-order automorphic forms and a conjectural inner product 

23 February

Shouwu Zhang (Columbia) 

Cycles on Shimura varieties and special values of L-series 

28 February

Ambrus Pal (ICL) 

Uniform bounds on the cardinality of preperiodic points of certain polynomials 

16 March

K. Soundararajan (Stanford) 

Moments of zeta and L-functions 

21 March

Sandrine Jean (Limoges) 

Witt vectors over local fields of positive characteristic and conjugacy classes of finite cyclic subgroups in the Nottingham group 

4 April

David Burns (King's College London) 

Main Conjectures in Noncommutative Iwasawa Theory 

19 April

Herbert Gangl (Durham) 


4 May

Henri Darmon (McGill University) 

Chow groups of threefolds and rational points on elliptic curves 

9 May

Francois Laubie (Limoges) 

On noncommutative local class field theory and its application to the Nottingham group 

23 May

Wojciech Gajda (Poznan) 

Local to global principle for linear dependence in Mordell-Weil groups of abelian varieties 

1 June

Daniel Delbourgo (Nottingham) 

mu-invariants of elliptic curves 

25 July

3 pm Mahesh Kakde (Cambridge) 

K_1 of non-commutative Iwasawa algebras 

4 pm Takako Fukaya (Tokyo/Cambridge) 

Root numbers, Selmer groups, and non-commutative Iwasawa theory 

26 September

Giedrius Alkauskas (Nottingham) 

Continuous fractions and dyadic period functions 

5 October 

Christian Wuthrich (Nottingham) 

Self-points on elliptic curves 

10 October

Fabien Trihan (Nottingham) 

Crystalline representations and F-crystals 

12 October

Konstantin Ardakov (Nottingham) 

Reflexive ideals in Iwasawa algebras 

7 November

Minhyong Kim (London) 

Fundamental groups and Diophantine geometry 

14 November

Jean Gillibert (Manchester) 

Geometric Galois modules and log structures 

23 November

3 pm Tetsushi Ito (Kyoto/IHES) 

Hasse invariants and the l-adic cohomology of unitary Shimura varieties 

4.30 pm Teruyoshi Yoshida (Cambridge/Harvard) 

Aspects of nonabelian Lubin-Tate theory 

28 November

Tadashi Ochiai (Osaka/Paris) 

Euler-Poincare characteristic for Galois cohomology 

and its application to Selmer groups of Hida families 

3 December

Angus MacIntyre (London) 

Andre's conjecture and decision problems for elliptic functions 

5 December

Matthew Morrow (Nottingham) 

Integration on two-dimensional local fields 

7, 10 December 

Alexander Borichev (Marseille) 

Four lectures on mean-periodic functions 

12 December

Nikolaos Diamantis (Nottingham) 

Eichler cohomology associated to generalised Poincare series 

14 December

Roger Heath-Brown (Oxford) 

Zeros of forms in many variables 

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