The shapes package in R : Statistical Shape Analysis

The shapes package can be downloaded from CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive Network). If you find the package useful then please let me know, including academic researchers and business/industrial users. e-mail: ian.dryden -AT-

The development version is on GitHub

Version 1.2.6 is the latest version available

If you use the package in work that results in a publication then please cite the reference:


Dryden, I. L. (2021). shapes package. R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria. Contributed package. Version 1.2.6 URL


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This work was supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council [grant number EP/K022547/1]
The shapes package contains routines for the statistical analysis of shapes. Note that you will need to have access to R on your machine, and then the shapes package is loaded in using the command library(shapes) .

Windows and Mac users: after starting R, the package is simply installed using the menu option Packages -> Install Package(s) from CRAN and then select shapes from the long list of packages.

Other platforms: see the R web pages.

A very brief set of examples (text file) is available.

The shapes package manual.


To cite the statistical shape analysis methodology please use:


Dryden, I.L. and Mardia, K.V. (2016). Statistical Shape analysis, with Applications in R. Second Edition. John Wiley and Sons, Chichester.


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