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The Nottingham Quantum Gravity group are hosting "Britgrav 6", the 6th British Gravity Meeting, on 4-5 April 2006.

Local information, campus information, map of city centre and map of Beeston.

Continuing the tradition of the previous meetings hosted by Southampton, Queen Mary, Lancaster and Rutherford Appleton, the purpose of the meeting is to bring the relativity community in the British Isles together and especially to provide a forum for junior researchers (students and postdocs).

The topic of the meeting is gravitation: classical and quantum, theoretical and experimental. There will be no invited talks: The meeting will consist of short (approximately 15 minutes) talks contributed by the participants.

There is no registration fee. The participants are responsible for their own travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses. Some financial support for research students from within the British Isles will be available.

The meeting is financially supported by the Institute of Physics Gravitational Physics Group.

A "Best Student Talk Prize" and a welcome reception are sponsored by Classical and Quantum Gravity.

Update: The "Best Student Talk Prize" was awarded to Brynmor Haskell from the University of Southampton.

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