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Differential Geometry by John W. Barrett

Postscript file, 600dpi, compressed fonts (500kb)
Postscript file, 600dpi (1Mb)
Postscript file, 300dpi (500kb)
The book is not available on the server at present.

Copyright notice.

This book may be copied for the purposes of private study or for the use of students registered at the University of Nottingham. This copyright notice may change from time to time. If this notice is removed, then licence to copy is no longer granted. End of copyright notice.

Book format

The book is typeset in 14 point font on standard size paper; it is designed to be photoreduced by a factor of root 2. This can be achieved by copying two pages side-by-side onto one page. Some postscript utilities will also do this before printing, but the final resolution will not be as good.


Please email me if you notice typos or mistakes jwb@maths.nott.ac.uk

© 1999 John Barrett