Quantum Probabilities and Paradoxes of the Quantum Century

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the discovery of quanta

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Table of Slide Contents

  1. The title slide and lecture contents
  2. A common thread of maths and physics
  3. The quantum century begins
  4. Quantum statistics for laymen and children
  5. The A-level derivation of Planck's formula
  6. The rise of quantum mechanics
  7. The discovery of matrix mechanics
  8. The discovery of wave mechanics
  9. Interpretations of quantum mechanics
  10. Quantum probabilities and paradoxes
  11. Heisenberg uncertainty relations
  12. The quantum measurement problem
  13. Untying the Schrodinger's cat
  14. Collapse & Projection Postulate
  15. Reality and prediction of future
  16. Causality and nondemolition principle
  17. Quantum calculus and Ito algebras
  18. Consistent histories and anticipation
  19. Quantum Trajectories and Open Systems
  20. Quantum filtering of a free particle
  21. Stochastic filtering wave equations
  22. A quantum message from the future
  23. The greatest form of beauty
Author: Viacheslav P Belavkin

Chair of Mathematical Physics, Nottingham University, UK