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Name Hyde, Andrew
Group Statistics and Probability
Room B8, Math Sci
Telephone +44 (0) 115 95 14912 [direct dial]
Thesis Title Root structure analysis
Thesis Abstract The structure of a plant's roots has a large effect on their growth and productivity however due to their fragile nature the structure has always been difficult to observe without disturbing the structure or killing the plant. Recent advances in microscale X-ray imaging have now allowed direct imaging of a plants roots as it is growing. The FutureRoots program ( has been created to take advantage of this new technology and will be growing various strains of wheat and taking detailed records of their root growth. This PhD is concerned with the development of mathematical shape models to allow complex analysis of these intricate structures, in order to better understand the phenotypes involved.
School contact information School of Mathematical Sciences
University of Nottingham
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD
Tel: +44 (0) 115 951 4949
Fax: +44 (0) 115 951 4951