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Name Preston, James
Group Mathematical Medicine and Biology
Room B8, Math Sci
Telephone +44 (0) 115 95 14912 [direct dial]
Thesis Title A systems biology investigation of pathogen-host homeostasis and disease modulation
Thesis Abstract The development of antibiotics has been one of the great successes in modern medicine, providing a step-change in public health. However, many bacteria have now developed antibiotic resistance; this is recognised as a global healthcare threat, and chosen as a G8 Global Challenge and 2014 Longitude Prize topic. Long-term solutions require novel strategies going beyond traditional drug development, especially given the failure to discover and develop new drugs. Recent work reveals a novel signalling mechanism underlying patho-adaptation of certain bacteria. A quantitative understanding of this mechanism provides the potential to aid the development of entirely new treatments for bacterial infection. This project will employ a Systems Biology approach: detailed network models will be used to analyse relevant gene regulation networks and signalling mechanisms, controlling bacterial patho-adaptation and host immune responses; subsequently, multiscale models will be developed to study the multicellular system, incorporating inter- and sub-cellular detail. Comprehensive numerical investigation will be complemented by multiscale asymptotic methods for model reduction and analysis, which provide more intuitive and tractable descriptions. Ongoing experimental work led by Dr Jafar Mahdavi (Life Sciences) will be central to this research: biological experiments will guide model-building and parameterisation, leading to new experimentally-testable model-driven hypotheses.
School contact information School of Mathematical Sciences
University of Nottingham
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD
Tel: +44 (0) 115 951 4949
Fax: +44 (0) 115 951 4951