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I am an applied mathematician in the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Nottingham. I have been here since September 2003, having previously spent eight years at the University of Birmingham and five years working for Schlumberger Cambridge Research studying problems related to the oil industry.

I have a wide range of research interests and will have a go at modelling anything, as long as it's either interesting or profitable, preferably both! I am principal supervisor for three PhD students: Farhad Barwari Bala, who is studying travelling waves in reaction-diffusion systems, Joe Giddings, who is studying instabilities and slug formation in horizontal, stratified pipe flows of water and gas, and Joel Bradshaw, who is trying to understand how droplets can climb up hills. I am also joint supervisor for five other PhD students: Siwen Ding, who is studying the growth of thermal barrier coatings, Guillaume Cadot, who is modelling laser ablation, Pablo Torrubia, who is studying abrasive waterjet etching, Sam Leworthy who is modelling self-healing roads, all in collaboration with colleagues in the School of Engineering, and Jonathan Marsh, who is studying CVD manufacture of industrial diamond. I'm feeling a bit stretched with the number of PhD students I currently have, so I'm not really looking to take on any more in 2016, but if you're desperate to work with me (haha!), please get in touch.  You can also read my CV or list of publications, but if you want to find out more you'll just have to talk to me! I am also working with a postdoc, Aitor Bilbao, on the inverse problem in energy beam processing.

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Room B47, Mathematical Sciences Building

School of Mathematical Sciences,

The University of Nottingham,

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Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK

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