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Refereed Journal Publications
  1. M R Owen, J A Sherratt: Pattern Formation and Spatiotemporal Irregularity in a model for Macrophage-Tumour interactions. J. Theor. Biol. 189: 63-80 (1997). Abstract
  2. M R Owen, J A Sherratt: Modelling the Macrophage Invasion of Tumours: Effects on Growth and Composition. IMA J. Math. Appl. Med. Biol. 15: 165-185 (1998). Abstract
  3. M R Owen, J A Sherratt: Mathematical Modelling of Juxtacrine Cell Signalling. Math. Biosci. 153: 125-150 (1998). Abstract
  4. M R Owen, J A Sherratt, S.R. Myers: How far can a juxtacrine signal travel? Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 266: 579-585 (1999). Abstract
  5. M R Owen, J A Sherratt: Mathematical modelling of macrophage dynamics in tumours. Math. Models Meth. Appl. Sci. 9: 513-539 (1999). Abstract
  6. M R Owen, J A Sherratt, H. J. Wearing: Lateral induction by juxtacrine signalling is a new mechanism for pattern formation. Developmental Biology 217: 54-61 (2000).
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  7. H J Wearing, M R Owen, J A Sherratt: Mathematical modelling of juxtacrine patterning. Bull. Math. Biol. 62: 293-320 (2000). Abstract
  8. M R Owen, M A Lewis: The Mechanics of Lung Tissue under High-Frequency Ventilation. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 61(5): 1731-1761 (2001). Abstract
  9. M R Owen, M A Lewis: How predation can slow, stop or reverse a prey invasion. Bull. Math. Biol. 63(4): 655-684 (2001). Abstract
  10. S. Coombes, M. R. Owen and G.D. Smith: Mode-locking in a periodically forced integrate-and-fire-or-burst neuron model. Phys. Rev. E 64: 041914 (2001).
  11. M R Owen: Waves and propagation failure in discrete space models with nonlinear coupling and feedback. Physica D 173: 59-76 (2002).
  12. S Coombes, G J Lord and M R Owen: Waves and bumps in neuronal networks with axo-dendritic synaptic interactions. Physica D 178: 219-241(2003).
  13. M R Owen, H M Byrne and C E Lewis: Mathematical modelling of the use of macrophages as vehicles for drug-delivery to hypoxic tumour sites. J. Theor. Biol. 226: 377-391 (2004).
  14. S D Webb and M R Owen: Oscillations and patterns in spatially discrete models for developmental ligand-receptor interactions. J. Math. Biol. 48: 444-476 (2004).
  15. S D Webb and M R Owen: Intra-membrane ligand diffusion and cell shape modulate juxtacrine patterning. J. Theor. Biol. 230:99-117 (2004).
  16. S Coombes and M R Owen: Evans functions for integral neural field equations with Heaviside firing rate function. SIAM J. App. Dyn. Sys. 34:574-600 (2004). Link to Journal article
  17. H M Byrne and M R Owen: A New Interpretation of The Keller-Segel Model Based on Multiphase Modelling. J. Math. Biol. 49:604-626 (2004). Link to Journal article
  18. S Coombes and M R Owen: Bumps, breathers, and waves in a neural network with spike frequency adaptation. Physical Review Letters 94:148102 (2005) Link to Journal article
  19. H M Byrne, T Alarcón, M R Owen, S D Webb, P K Maini: Modelling aspects of cancer dynamics: a review. Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. A 364:1563-1578 (2006) Link to Journal article
  20. H M Byrne, M R Owen, T Alarcón, J Murphy, P K Maini, Modelling the response of vascular tumours to chemotherapy: a multiscale approach. Math. Models Meth. Appl. Sci. 16(S1):1219-1241 (2006) doi:10.1142/S0218202506001522.
  21. T. Alarcón, M R Owen, H M Byrne and P K Maini: Multiscale modelling of tumour growth and therapy: the influence of vessel normalisation on chemotherapy. Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine 7:85-119 (2006) doi:10.1080/10273660600968994.
  22. R. Betteridge, M R Owen, H M Byrne, T Alarcón and P K Maini: The impact of cell crowding and active cell movement on vascular tumour growth. Networks and Heterogeneous Media 1(4):515-535 (2006) Link to Journal.
  23. J M D Smith, J P Ward, L E Child and M R Owen: A Simulation Model of Rhizome Networks for Fallopia japonica (Japanese Knotweed) in the United Kingdom. Ecological Modelling 200(3-4):421-432 (2007) doi: 10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2006.08.004
  24. M Zachariou, D W N Dissanayake, M R Owen, R Mason and S Coombes: The Role of Cannabinoids in the Neurobiology of Sensory Gating: A firing rate model study. Neurocomputing 70:1902-1906 Link to preprint server. doi: 10.1016/j.neucom.2006.10.065
  25. S D Webb, M R Owen, H M Byrne, C Murdoch and C E Lewis: Macrophage-based anti-cancer therapy: modelling different modes of tumour targeting. Bull. Math. Biol. 69:1747-1776 (2007) doi: 10.1007/s11538-006-9189-2 
  26. S Coombes and M R Owen: Exotic dynamics in a firing rate model of neural tissue with threshold accommodation. AMS Contemporary Mathematics 440, "Fluids and Waves - Recent Trends in Applied Analysis", (Ed. Fernanda Botelho, Thomas Hagen, and James Jamison), 123-144.
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  32. M R Owen, T Alarcón, P K Maini and H M Byrne: Angiogenesis and vascular remodelling in normal and cancerous tissues. J. Math. Biol., 58(4-5):689-721 (2009) doi: 10.1007/s00285-008-0213-z | Electronic Supplementary Material
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  1. S Schamberg, P Houston, N A M Monk and M R Owen: Is a Persistent Global Bias Necessary for the Establishment of Planar Cell Polarity? submitted.
  2. S A Prokopiou, H M Byrne, M R Jeffrey, R S Robinson, G E Mann and M R Owen: Mathematical analysis of a model for the growth of the bovine corpus luteum. submitted.

Other publications
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