Dynamics of Calcium release and wave propagation in single cells

The existence of spatial and temporal signalling by calcium is one of the most significant findings of the last decade in the field of intracellular signalling. Calcium is stored intracellularly in the endoplasmic or sarcoplasmic reticulum at 2-3 orders of magnitude greater than its concentration in the cytosol and is released by a nonlinear feedback process referred to as calcium-induced calcium release (CICR). This mechanism for generating oscillations (or puffs) in the density of cytosolic free calcium is believed to underly the waves that propagate as intra and intercellular waves over distance as large as 1mm.

I am interested in both the numerical solution of biophysical models (such as the de-Young/Keizer model) using techniques from dynamical systems theory and the exact solution of fire-diffues-fire type models. The analysis of wave initiation and propagation in models with spatial inhomogeneities and nonlinear transport mechanisms is relevant to the understanding of recent experimental work by Martin Bootman and colleagues.

calcium wave

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Online seminar: Minimal models for calcium waves