Future PhD Projects

PhD students



Dynamics of McKean relaxation oscillator networks

Dynamics of Calcium release and wave propagation in single cells

Dendritic trees and active spines

Integrate-and-fire neural networks

Mode-locking of periodically stimulated neurons

Neural field theories

PhD Students

Matthew James : Synaptic travelling waves in integrate-and-fire neural networks PhD 2003
Yulia Timofeeva : Calcium waves and oscillations PhD 2004
Matthew Denman-Johnson : Dynamics of synaptically coupled McKean neurons PhD 2005
Margarita Zachariou : Neurobiology of sensory gating: a neural network study Phd 2008
Nikola Venkov : Dynamics of neural field models Phd 2009
Carl-Magnus Svensson : Branching dendrites with active spines Phd 2009
Jonathan Laudanski : Neural processing of sound in the auditory system Phd 2010
Jaroslav Hlinka : Studying spontaneous brain activity with neuroimaging methods and mathematical modelling Phd 2010
Ana-Maria Gheorghe : Understanding spiking and bursting electrical activity through piece-wise linear systems Phd 2011
Helmut Schmidt : Interface dynamics in 2D neural field models Phd 2012
Kyle Wedgwood : Dynamical systems techniques in the analysis of neural systems PhD 2013
Ruth Smith : Amplitude equations for pattern forming neural systems PhD 2014
Georgina Fenton : Neural network interactions underlying emotional learning & memory: Integrating experimental & theoretical approaches PhD 2015
Mayte Bonilla Quintana : Theoretical Neuroscience: From long wavelength cortical patterning to spatial navigation PhD 2017
Aytül Gökçe : The dynamics of Amari type neural field models on finite domains PhD 2017
Aine Byrne : Next Generation neural activity models: Bridging the gap between mesoscopic and microscopic brain scales PhD 2017
Alban Levy : Machine Learning for Neural Coding of Sound Envelopes: Slithering from Sinusoids to Speech PhD 2018
Michael Forrester : Modelling of large-scale brain network dynamics PhD 2020
Mustafa Sayli : Nonsmooth dynamical systems: from nodes to networks PhD 2021
Charline Tessereau : Reinforcement Learning Approaches to Rapid Hippocampal Place Learning PhD 2021
Abigail Cocks : The dynamics of neural fields and applications to vision PhD 2023
Sammy Petros : The numerical solution of neural field models posed on realistic cortical domains 2023
James Ross : Analysing and interpreting neuroimaging data using mathematical frameworks for network dynamics Yr 4
Sunil Modhara : Brain Dynamics From Mathematical Perspectives: A Study of Neural Patterning PhD 2022
Oliver Cattell : Epilepsy as a dynamic disease Yr 3
Robert Allen : Phase-isostable descriptions of coupled oscillator networks Yr 3
Matthew Fellows : Pattern formation in next generation neural field models Yr 2
Angelica Pozzi : Thalamo-cortical modelling Yr 1


Yulia Timofeeva : Branching dendrites with active spines 2004-2007
James Smith : Glucose metabolism 2006
Rüdiger Thul : A fire-diffuse-fire framework for the functional organisation of cellular calcium signals 2006-2009
Carl-Magnus Svensson : Building contours from edges in mid-level vision 2009-2011
Sid Visser : Mathematical neuroscience 2013-2015
Yi Ming Lai : Threshold Networks 2017-2020
Michael Forrester : Using next generation neural mass models to understand the effects of neuromodulation on large scale brain dynamics 2020-2022
Mustafa Sayli : White Matter Networks 2021-2023


1999 Nuffield Foundation A Computational Neurodynamics of Integrate-and-Fire Oscillators [equipment grant] £4,000
Royal Society Travel grant: SIAM Dynamical Systems Conference, Snowbird, Utah £885
2000 LMS Travelling waves in neural dendrites (small grant scheme 4) £336
2001 Royal Society Travel grant: SIAM Dynamical Systems Conference, Snowbird, Utah £800
2002 EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship: Synaptic travelling waves. Final Report. £235,145
Royal Society travel grant: European Conference on Mathematical Biology, Milan £700
2003 Nuffield Foundation Neuronal Dynamics: Sensitivity, Reliability and Arnol'd Tongues [summer studentship] £1,570
Royal Society Directed percolation and calcium waves [equipment grant] £8,968
EPSRC Branching dendrites with active spines (with Gabriel Lord) [post-doc and student] £110,000
2004 ICIAM '99 Fund Modelling neuronal dendritic trees (with Gabriel Lord) [workshop] £2,500
EPSRC Math Bio Network Mathematical Neuroscience (with Gabriel Lord) [conference] £5,000
LMS International visitor grant [Dr Carlo Laing] £1,200
2005 EPSRC A fire-diffuse-fire framework for the functional organisation of cellular calcium signals (with Dr Martin Bootman) £140,372
EPSRC Theory and applications of coupled cell networks (P C Matthews, S Coombes, P Ashwin, J Dawes and M Golubitsky) £14,935
BRC Nottingham Combined EEG & functional MRI to study the functional organisation of brain microstates associated with altered levels of consciousness (Dorothee Auer, Jonathan Hardman, Steve Coombes) £50,000
UK-Texas DTI Initiative The Neuron as a Network (with Steve Cox, Kresimir Josic & Costa Colbert) £9,000
2006 EPSRC Mathematical modelling of cellular calcium signals [workshop] £4,415
2007 Nuffield Foundation Mathematical modelling of thalamo-cortical oscillations [summer studentship] - Report £1,360
BBSRC Cell Signalling Network (with Markus Owen and Nick Monk) £90,000
EPSRC Mathematical Neuroscience Network (with Yulia Timofeeva) £157,000
2008 Royal Society Travel grant: HBM 2008 £900
LMS Visitors grant for Dr Carlo Laing £1,200
British Council The role of noise and geometry in cellular signalling (with Ruediger Thul) £2,250
Wellcome Building contours from edges in mid-level vision (as Co-I with Jon Peirce) £242,000
2009 LMS Visitors grant for Dr Carlo Laing £1,200
Bridging the Gaps Complex System Dynamics: A neural network approach (with Noah Russell) £15,000
2011 EPSRC Neurodynamics: a workshop on heterogeneity, noise, delays, and plasticity in neural systems (with Yulia Timofeeva and Mark van Rossum) £30,000
2012 EC Marie Curie Initial Training Network - NETT €5.3M
2012 BBSRC Ectopic transmission in the cerebellar cortex (as Co-I with Tom Bellamy) £300,000
2016 EPSRC Threshold Networks (with Rüdiger Thul) £336,000
2021 EPSRC White Matter Networks (with Stamatios Sotiropoulos and Stephen Jackson) £200,000