Integrate-and-fire neural networks

The dynamics of coupled oscillator arrays has been the subject of much recent experimental and theoretical interest. Example systems include Josephson junctions, lasers, oscillatory chemical reactions, heart pacemaker cells, central pattern generators and cortical neural oscillators. In collaboration with Paul Bressloff I am studying the dynamics of integrate-and-fire systems neurons with delayed interactions. We have been developing group theoretic techniques for analysing bifurcations in a ring of such oscillators with the aim of understanding the effects of the range of spatial interactions and the size of the delays. We have also been studying travelling waves on oscillator chains and the occurrence of instabilities as the strength of coupling is increased. Although studying the effects of delays and finite-range interactions is motivated by neurobiology (specifically the work of Alan Roberts on locomotion), such features could also be relevant to physics applications such as Josephson junction arrays (in regimes where the lumped circuit description is no longer valid) and SQUID arrays. More recently the spike train dynamics underlying pattern formation and chaos in integrate-and-fire networks has been investigated.

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