Neural field theories

Experimental studies have revealed the propagation of travelling bursts of activity in cortical and thalamic brain slices. Experiments in primates have also revealed that prefrontal cortical networks can support spatially localized areas of high activity, thought to be important for the functioning of working memory. Such waves and bumps of firing rate activity are a consequence of non-local synaptic interactions and the intrinsic behavior of local neuronal circuitry. The mathematical description of synaptically coupled neural tissue typically involves the use of integral equations. Apart from a spatial integral mixing the network connectivity function with space-dependent delays, arising from non-instantaneous axonal communication, these integral models can also include a temporal integration over some appropriately identified distributed delay kernel. These distributed delay kernels are biologically motivated and represent the response of biological synapses to spiking inputs. I am interested in using techniques from dynamical systems theory to study waves and patterns in such integral neural field models. This work is being done in collaboration with Gabriel Lord, Markus Owen, Carlo Laing and Daniele Avitabile. Moreover, network studies that include a description of the slow T-type calcium current are known to support non-smooth waves of a type that can lurch through a medium. This work is highly relevant to modelling thalamic tissue and the emergence of EEG sleep rhythms in thalamo-cortical networks.

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