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corrections to the article
'Une quintique de genre 1 qui contredit le principe de Hasse'

i am grateful to tom fisher for pointing out an error in this article. namely, the jacobian of the counter-example given in the last section is incorrect. his pari-script computes the jacobian to have the minimal weierstrass equation
E = [1, 1, 1, -3146, 39049].
s it is of conductor 1289106508910 = 2 * 5 * 11 * 421 * 27836461. the j-invariant was correct. the value of the L-series at s = 1 is equal to 19.63239614 and predicts, via birch-swinnerton-dyer, that the mordell-weil group is trivial and that the order of sha is equal to 25. a 2-descent shows indeed that the rank is 0 and that there are no torsion points defined over Q. the example constructed in the article represents a non-trivial element of order 5 in sha(E / Q).