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Proposing a Workshop

Proposing a workshop

Grants are available for workshops on a specific issue for 2-4 days.

The applicants must be scientists who work in a European country which belongs to ESF.
Proposals for funding jointly with other organisations are welcomed.
Meetings must have a European or international dimension.

The following criteria apply to participants funded by the network. They do not restrict participants funded from other sources.

There should be 10-50 participants.
Funding is mainly for scientists working in European countries.
Priority for funding participants must be given to scientists from contributing countries.
Scientists from outside Europe must not be more than 10% of the total.
Participation must be balanced across Europe (e.g. not dominated by 1 or 2 countries).
There should be no registration fee.

To Apply

1. Check the research you propose is in the area of the network (see About QG)
2. Read the detailed guidelines for how to apply and rates of financial support.
3. Write your scientific plan and make a list of participants you would invite if successful.
4. Apply online.

For further guidance, please contact a member of the steering committee.


The lifetime of the network has been extended to the end of 2011 and so there is one final call for workshop proposals, with deadline 15 July 2011. The workshop should take place before the end of November 2011 and all final reporting and accounting has to be complete by 31 December 2011.

As the budget remaining is limited, proposals for this final deadline should request significantly less that 10k euro.


After the workshop, you are required to write a report. This must be received in the required format before expenses can be paid fully. The report may be published on the website, and will be used by the funding agencies to evaluate the success of the network.


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