Dr Woodall's Postgraduate Lecture Notes

Vertex-colourings and list colourings 8½ lectures .ps .pdf 2.ps 4.ps
Edge-colourings of simple graphs 4 lectures .ps .pdf 2.ps 4.ps
Restricted colourings of graphs 2 lectures .ps .pdf 2.ps 4.ps
Colourfully panconnected subgraphs 4 lectures .ps .pdf 2.ps 4.ps
    Colourfully panconnected subgraphs -- Figures .ps .pdf
A proportionality problem 2½ lectures .ps .pdf 2.ps 4.ps
Topics related to combinatorial designs 4½ lectures .ps .pdf 2.ps 4.ps
    Some combinatorial designs (handout) .ps .pdf
Matroid theory 14 lectures
    Chapter 1     Cycle-coboundary duality of graphs .ps .pdf 2.ps 4.ps
    Chapter 2     Introduction to matroids .ps .pdf 2.ps 4.ps
    Chapter 3     Types of matroid .ps .pdf 2.ps 4.ps
        Restriction and contraction of matroids (handout) .ps .pdf
Chromatic polynomials of plane triangulations 6½ lectures
    Handout .ps .pdf
    Proofs .ps .pdf 2.ps 4.ps
Matchings and factors of graphs 6 lectures .ps .pdf 2.ps 4.ps
Eigenvalues of graphs 7½ lectures .ps .pdf 2.ps 4.ps
    Leapfrogs and fullerenes (handout) .ps .pdf
The strong circuit-double-cover conjecture 5½ lectures .ps .pdf
The Tutte polynomial 2 lectures .ps .pdf 2.ps 4.ps
The reconstruction conjecture 4½ lectures .ps .pdf 2.ps 4.ps
Generic rigidity of graphs .ps .pdf

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