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Christian Wuthrich
 Christian Wuthrich
 Christian Wuthrich

Since 2007, I am working and teaching at the University of Nottingham; and more precisely I am an associate professor at the school of mathematical sciences.

My research interests are centred around the arithmetic of elliptic curves.

I am organising the Northern Number Theory Seminar, which is a joint seminar with Durham, Manchester, Sheffield and York.

In September 2019, we hosted an LMS Regional meeting at Nottingham, which consisted of the meeting day on September 11 and a workshop the two following days.

To get in touch with me send an email to christian wuthrich aaat nottingham ac uk with dots in between. Or find my postal address here.

teaching pigs

Papers and preprints

This is a list of published and yet-to-be-published articles.

Here my PhD and two essays I wrote before.


These are lecture notes and other material for the courses i am or was teaching. if interested in the LaTeX source or problem sheets, please email me.


This is a loose list of talks given at various occasions for various publics.

teaching pigs
  • In July 2012, I gave a series of lectures at the Iwasawa conference in Heidelberg entitled "An overview of some topics in Iwasawa theory".
  • Here is a talk on the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture that I gave at the Open University in January 12.
  • During a cold, snowy, but very pleasant week in Montréal in 10, I gave a talk with the title 'Why Iwasawa theorists need p-adic L-functions'. That was not my choice of title and the task was not an easy one. So don't expect too much. Moreover, I said many things that are not on the slides.
  • In spring 08, I spend a wonderful week in Barcelona talking about Iwasawa theory of elliptic curves. There is a long standing project of mine to turn this into a book. Not sure it will ever happen.
  • In Southampton in 07, i gave a undergraduate seminar talk about elliptic curve cryptography.
  • Half of a talk (the first part was old-fashioned black-board presentation) in Banff in 07 about shark. I gave more or less the same talk in leiden, too.
  • A very short presentation of a picture about self-points in basel in 07.
  • In 07, i gave a lecture in Les Diablerets winter school on the computation of Heegner points. In french.