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URL: http://www.maths.nott.ac.uk/personal/jff/G1CMIN/index.html

Most of the printed handouts for this module are available on the web in two formats: ps (postscript) or pdf (portable document format). Which format is easiest to view will probably depend on the computer that you are using.

Module information for 2002 to 2003


Handouts will be issued in printed form, and will also be available (as they are issued) from the module web page.

Other handouts will be posted on the module web page as they appear.

Course work

Regular question sheets will be issued. Solutions should be handed in to me at the appointed time (shown on each sheet) for marking. The assignments form an essential part of the learning process but do not form part of your formal assessment. The question sheets will be available on the module web page as they are issued. The dates for handing in work will be: 7/2, 21/2, 7/3, 25/4 and 6/5 2003.

G1CMIN Assessment

Assessment will be by means of a two and a half hour examination in May/June. There will be five questions, and your best four answers will count. If you answer four of the questions perfectly, then you will obtain full marks. Please note that no calculators will be permitted in the examination. Should a resit examination be required in August/September it will take the same form as above (five questions, best four answers count, no calculators).
You may find it useful to look at the exam papers from previous years. Please note the format of the exam: three years ago there were six questions instead of five and you now have two and a half hours instead of two hours. Dr Feinstein gave this module in the years 2000-1 and 2001-2 and previously gave a similar module (G13AN4 Measure and Integration) in all of the years from 1992-3 to 1996-7 inclusive.

Supplementary Mathematics

For those taking this module as a 5 credit Supplementary Mathematics module, assessment will be by means of one special coursework assignment to be issued at the end of week 5 and to be handed in at the end of week 8. This will be based on the first three chapters of the module. Attendance at lectures after week 5 is optional for these students, as are the standard coursework assignments above.

Miscellaneous links which may be of interest:

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